IBM Australia

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Aboriginal, Australia, IBM, Reconciliation Action Program, Art, Commissioned, Lani B Art,
This artwork was commissioned by IBM Australia for the business Reconciliation Action Program (RAP).

This painting is an inspiring and symbolic contribution to IBM with a focus on reconciliation, inclusion and represents a cultural connection with the company. This painting is designed around the different areas of IBM and towards the future.

The white dotted areas in the top represent the cloud of IBM, the cloud with open technology and open standards.

The centre is a gathering symbol this represents all the data. All the dots within the middle are bought together in one piece, to show the full connection of IBM is and to the people. This is the HIVE. This intertwines with all the services and technology that IBM is and all the dots leading out represents the growth and the future of IBM.

The bottom of the canvas represents all the different areas of IBM and its people. Such as Article intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of things, API management, Data science, PaaS,

Together, my artwork inspires a cultural affirmation, a bright sense of beauty, calmness and connection. The whole of IBM is represented here as a cultural element, combining heritage, technology and the future.