Australian Dental Council - "COMMITMENT TO RECONCILIATION "

I had the pleasure of creating this artwork which was commissioned by the Australian Dental Council.

The artwork represents the Australian Dental Council role in improving the health and well- being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

When creating this artwork, I wanted it to symbolise the
importance of Reconciliation and how Australian Dental Council is proud of their journey and for their future as much as I was in creating this artwork.

UGL - “Reconciliation Journey”

The artwork represents journey, pathways and connections UGL have with their employees and the communities it operates in now and well into the future.

The artwork was designed focusing on the state territories it conducts its business in and the 10-core business areas: Utilities, Infrastructure and Technology, Renewables and Resources, Transport and Major Projects, Manufacturing & Maintenance, Mining & Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Defense, Social Infrastructure and Environment.

NSW Police Force - "Recording Aboriginality Project"

This Painting Represents The importance of this strategy. The changes that NSWPF record and collect data with Aboriginal People and how Closing the Gap Strategy implements to this project.

This is the header Data Strategy from which NSWPF are anticipating many projects and new strategies will evolve from this.

Learning, rethinking. Training, and consulting with more projects involving and changing the stream Premiers Priorities.

Continuous improvement in all domains and delivering outcomes.

Ongoing Journey, Data, Training and connection.

Property Council of Australia

This artwork was created for the Property Council’s RAP in 2021.

I worked with the Property Council to articulate a visual vision for reconciliation that reflects their reconciliation journey as they embark on our Reconciliation Action

I then created a graphic design of the artwork and used this to create their RAP Document.