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I am excited to announce my design for this years NAIDOC

Walu-ma-rra(to be a guardian, protect)

The story for my NAIDOC design for “Heal Country 2021” This painting is very special to me. It has my totem Maliyan (the wedgetail eagle) and represents our beautiful country and the importance of protection.

The wedgetail eagle is very significant as it brings healing to our people and has an important specific meaning for many of our people. The strength and beauty the wedgetail eagle represents makes it perfect for the meaning for this design. In the painting the Maliyan represents as guardian of our land.

With this years NAIDOC theme Heal Country it calls for all of us to continue to seek a better protection for our land, our waters, sacred sites and our culture traditions from exploitation, desecration and destruction. Since colonisation so much has impacted our land, animals and our culture. Land clearing, urban development, change in traditional fire management, farming, pollution and this is just to name a few. These all have a significant impact to our ecosystems and a destruction on our native plants and animals. We have lost so much already and it is time we changed. Our land and animals are our culture and by having the land destroyed and our sacred sites will be gone forever.

We can all work together as Australians to be the guardians and protect our lands and culture.


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